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Bachelor Party in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen

The best party of your life with your friends or girlfriends, have the best experience, having lived all in the region. We have accommodations for everyone, whether in a super luxury house, next to the clubs and bars, or in various departments oceanfront or very close to it and the beach.


We have luxury homes for bachelor in Playa del Carmen.

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We have luxury homes for bachelor in Playa del Carmen.

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Theme parties that can raise the level of fun at sea.

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Transportation from the airport to Cancun and Riviera Maya Hotel Zone.

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Welcome to a very good option in the service of bachelor party in Cancun, or bachelorette (hen party), in Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya. We can assist you in whatever you need to be the best party of your life with your Friends. We’ve got the best experiences, as we’ve lived it all in this region. We have accommodation for everyone, whether in a super luxury house, next to the clubs and bars, or in various oceanfront apartments, or very close to it and the beach. There from 1300 pesos a night in Cancun, for 4 or 6 people, waterfront, next to Coco Bongo, Dady'O, Mandala, Hard Rock Cafe, etc. For many people would have several apartments in the same building, either on the same floor or floors close. This way all you have to do is walk out the night club and then directly to your bed. If they want to party at the home of hosting, I would recommend a house in Isla Dorada Residential in Cancun, or in Playa del Carmen, where I have pool houses with no neighbors, to get late at night to turn up the stereo volume. In Cancun there are houses in the center for that, but no pool, 7 rooms for up to 30 people.

As for the main party, The Main Event, we specialize in luxury yacht trips, which we believe is the best for this type of event. The bachelor yacht party in Cancun, or bachelorette yacht party, can be adapted depending on the budget you have for it. This event is the most important stage of the journey, rather than the accommodation, because here come the best memories of his last singleness stage so the best advice is always the fanciest, biggest, and for obvious reasons the most expensive ship, but if not, there are good yachts with all you would need for a splendid sun fun day, as long as there is what you cannot buy with money, attitude.

Here is an explanation of the yacht service: The maximum capacity we have in Cancun or Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya is 35 people, an Azimut Brand yacht 85 foot, 3 floors, 4 cabins, 4 bathrooms and chef; then followed by a 30 people one, an Azimut of 100 feet, 5 cabins, 4 bathrooms, chef, jacuzzi and waverunners; There is a smaller one for 30 people, 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms; and so on, 20 people, 15, 12 and even economic yachts for 8-10 people, with 1 cabin with bathroom. Although it is recommended to at least one of 48 foot for 20 people, like the Uniesse 48, which has good space for party outdoors. They are not charged for taking own drinks up the boat. If you do not want to have to worry about shopping, and get on the boat and that everything is ready for the big party, I gladly quote. Whatever you want to eat onboard, we quote the yacht catering, whether sushi, barbecue, cakes, ceviche or whatever. We preferably recommend what can be served cold, unless you have good cooking vessel as in large boats, this way even kangaroo stew if you want (ask for the ceviche Kukulkan, the specialty of the house).


Yacht theme parties for bachelor / bachelorette in Cancun

We have theme parties that can lift the level of fun at sea, as they are:

Moonlight Party: ride along the Nichupte lagoon at night, with wine bar, variety of cheeses and cold meats, champagne, along with quiet tide good spots.

Glow Party: neon light throughout the yacht and fluorescent paints to paint the skin (no clothing) and glow accessories like caps, straws, bracelets, necklaces, cups and glasses, bunny ears, etc etc, everything shines.

Nautical barbecue: there are yachts with charcoal grill outdoors, so a hired chef who pledge and make the whole show; burgers, rib eye steaks, flank steak etc. and our specialty, prepared the day before in a special oven we have in Cancun downtown, Chamorro baked with house sauce, phew, what a treat like no other. This feast day is going to Isla Mujeres or Playa del Presidente in Cancun, where the locals go to chill out and dip. If you want your party more private, we’ve got special spots without people nearby.

Fishing Bachelor Party: The first take you to the high seas, to get a good fish, and then to north beach in Isla Mujeres or president´s beach, so that the sailor prepared it. Here we include all fishing equipment, bait, outrigger, downrigger, chair, etc., as well as ingredients to prepare the fish.

Wolf Street Party: If you have good budget, this is the option to choose without question. Here the party is simply to have the best of the best, la crème de la crème. The yacht would be the largest (100 feet Azimut, Azimut 85, Sessa 68 ...), the food the best (super ceviche, grilled seafood and meats outdoors, many couches ...), super service, best drinks, the best accommodation and best transport. The best recommendation for this party theme is this combo: 

Yacht: Azimut 100 feet, because you already have two waverunners (no need to rent out), is the yacht with more rooms (comfort and privacy for express lovers, always a room available), has gas grill outdoors in the flydeck, and chef in his crew (more options for the event of "eating"), and something no one else has, outdoor jacuzzi.

Food: Kukulkan ceviche or grilled seafood and meat, because your boat has gas grill on the third floor. The kukulkan ceviche ceviche has cilantro, ginger, mango, cucumber, onion, horseradish, lemon, olive oil, xcochim fish (regional fish), shrimp, lobster and queen conch.

Lodging: Casa Enzo in Playa del Carmen, it is the most luxurious house in the nightclub life zone, 30 steps from the beach, with chef, puncture, guard and several maids. It has two terraces for drinking before going out. The roof top terrace has jacuzzi / little swimming pool, large table and grill.

Transportation: Hummer limo that will fit up to 12 people, better than the Expedition, which is not bad either, for 14 pax. If more people, there is the limobus, for up to 30 people.

These bachelor party in Cancun, or bachelorette party in cancun, theme parties are set exclusively in the zone of Cancun. In Playa del Carmen, which basically is in Puerto Aventuras, because that's where it would come out, we have less options, but are. We have a 40-foot Sea Ray, a Chris Craft Crowne 34 foot, an azimut of 85 and a catamaran of 40. The Sea Ray 40 foot includes open bar and food (ceviche or grill burgers) from the 6th hour (if 4 or 5 hours only, there’s the option of getting ir for 2500 pesos extra).

As for transportation we have limousines and private vans. The limousine in Cancun we usually use it to get to the event and back, giving a return to the hotel zone while having a drink, with a stop on a beach called "El Mirador". If the transfer is from the airport to Playa del Carmen, or from Cancun's hotel zone to Playa, is only the direct transportation to the place without visiting places.

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